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Museums and Heritage

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Heritages and Museums

The Museo de Arte Antonio Paredes Candia is an art museum in El Alto, Bolivia. Inaugurated in 2002, as of 2011 the museum contains 503 works of art and 11,931 books.

National Museum of Ethnography and Folklore  or MUSEF is a public non-profit institution dedicated to Bolivia’s ethnic diversity, the promotion of research into Bolivia’s ethnology and the preservation and expansion of its cultural artifacts collection.

Museum of Musical Instruments-Founded in 1962 by famous Bolivian charanguista and inventor of musical instruments, Ernesto Cavour Aramayo, the privately owned Museum of Musical Instruments houses Bolivia’s most extensive collection of unique indigenous instruments.

The Coca Museum covers the history of the coca plant from the Andean region and related drug cocaine. It is associated with the International Coca Research Institute in La Paz, the government seat in Bolivia. A travelling version of the museum is available.